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Full Records Search

SS Sir Walter Scott on Loch KatrineWe start by conducting a full search of the Statutory records which will take your family tree back to around 1855. We then search the census entries, as appropriate, for 1861 to 1911 which will give a wonderful picture of the lives and locations of your nineteenth and twentieth century ancestors.

We then turn our attention to the Old Parish Registers and continue building your family tree for as long as we can discover valid information. We would expect to find entries back to the mid 1700s and have often been able to reach the 1600s. However, this is totally dependent on the Parish Register entries available. Geographically there was a wide variation in the information recorded.

To complete the research we search the census entries for 1841 and 1851 along with any other records that are available and appropriate to the particular family.

Starting from a birth, marriage or death occurring in Scotland we will search every line back as far as records permit. Please note that, unlike many genealogy services, we will pursue all branches related to the individual being traced as standard. We do not limit the search to just the paternal or maternal line.

A birth, marriage or death in Scotland between 1855 and the present day is the minimum, but please send as much information as you have

Accurate transcripts of every record entry consulted, typed into a chronological report which you will receive electronically via PDF document

The fully inclusive cost is £350 - An initial deposit of £175 is taken at the time of order with the balance due on completion

When you have decided the Full Records Search is what you require please email enquiries@ar-turas.co.uk to discuss your project.

A Full Records Search usually takes between 8 and 10 weeks from receipt of order/deposit to receipt of the finished report.

You can be assured that Ar Turas will provide a high quality service at a very competitive price.

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